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Emanuela Borgnino – Università di Milano-Bicocca, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

The Anthropocene confronts us with several challenges while proving the dependence of humans on their relationships with the many non-human entities populating the planet: atmospheric agents, animals, plants, mountains, rivers, oceans, spores, and spirits. Indigenous cultures have been processing this dependency for centuries, recognizing to nature and its resources a real subjectivity — a feature that today environmental law begins to develop. Through examples all over the world, from the Amazon rainforest to Oceania, the lecture will discuss nature’s socialization processes that attribute “humanity” and “personality” to the non human collective that takes part in the construction of the environment.

Free admission, upon reservation


June 19 @ 18:30
18:30 — 19:30 (1h)

MAST Auditorium