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Bringing contemporary art into conversation with environmental science and anthropology, the catalogue Anthropocene brilliantly delves into the topics explored in the exhibition.

The publication chronicles the irreversible impact of humans on the Earth on a geological scale through stunning and disconcerting photographs by Edward Burtynsky, Jennifer Baichwal, and Nicholas de Pencier, which document species extinction, technofossils, and terraforming sites.

The illustrations are accompanied by a range of essays by artists, curators, and scientists, some part of the Anthropocene Working Group, an international team of scientists who have proposed to the International Commission on Stratigraphy that the Earth is entering a new era of geological time where human activity is the driving force behind environmental and geological change — i.e. the Anthropocene.

256 pages | 150 illustrations | format 17 x 23,5 cm | Italian and English editions | 25€

The catalogue is available at the MAST.Point (via Speranza 42). The English edition can be also purchased here