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Let’s imagine an ocean without fish. Let’s imagine our diet without fish products. Let’s imagine the global consequences of all this. The End of the Line, an ambitious documentary on the devastating effects of intensive fishing, investigates the imminent extinction of bluefin tuna caused by the growing demand for sushi in the Western world; the impact on the surrounding ecosystem, where there is an uncontrolled proliferation of jellyfish; the serious implications of a future without fish, which will condemn part of the world’s population to starvation. Shot over three years, the film follows the investigation of journalist Charles Clover, who meets politicians and celebrities of the foodservice industry who are not very concerned about the damage they are causing to the oceans. Scientists warn that if we continue to fish at the current rate, in 2048 we will lose most of the marine fauna forever.

Free admission, upon reservation
On the occasion of the evening projections the MAST.Gallery remains open until 10 pm


December 14 @ 20:30
20:30 — 21:30 (1h)

MAST Auditorium

Film projection, Proiezione