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In collaboration with Human Rights Nights

Four chapters (Oil, Cargo, Metro, Ashes) and their respective protagonists, absolute masters of as many evocative, inaccessible environments. Van maintains oil wells. He works in the desert, on a large field in Texas. Danilo is the chief engineer on a cargo ship. He spends every day in the heart of the ship where there is a huge engine. Andrea is a scientist. He has spent his life immersed in mathematical formulas and the silence of echo-free chambers. Vito spent half his life managing slot machines. Today he manages a huge reinforced concrete waste pit. These men are unknowingly part of the sequence of creation, transport, commercialisation and destruction of the objects that feed the bulimia of our lifestyle.

Free admission, upon reservation
On the occasion of the evening screenings, the exhibition is open until 10 pm


November 30 @ 21:00
21:00 — 22:00 (1h)

MAST Auditorium

Film projection