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Another World is an enlightening and eye-opening documentary that deals with big questions related to our present path and future possibilities. It aims to define our real strenght and identity by challenging the modern vision of the world and by re-considering the value systems of ancient civilization such as the Native Americans. This journey shows how modern science and quantum physics are re-discovering the knowledge of ancient tribal populations, their interpretation of the relationship between humans and the universe. The film demonstrates how everything in the universe is energy and how—despite what modern thinking asserts—there is no separation between the observer and what is being observed, an idea best expressed by the Mayan greeting “In Lak’ech”, which means “I am another yourself”.

Free admission, upon reservation.
On the occasion of the evening projections the exhibition remains open until 10 pm.


June 26 @ 21:00
21:00 — 22:00 (1h)

MAST Auditorium