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by Chris Jordan, USA, 2017, 97’

The film focuses on the serious problem of plastics invading our seas. On the Midway Islands in the North Pacific Ocean, photographer and filmmaker Chris Jordan has documented the tragic fate of thousands of albatrosses lying dead on the ground, with their stomachs full of plastics. “On the remote island of Midway, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there are dozens of thousands of dead birds with bodies full of plastic. When I heard this I realized that in my work I had always treated mass consumption as a global theme, seen from a global perspective. So, I wanted to consider the problem of plastic at sea from a more personal point of view.” (Chris Jordan).

Free admission upon reservation


May 25 @ 21:00
21:00 — 23:30 (2h 30′)

MAST Auditorium

Film projection, Proiezione