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In collaboration with Human Rights Nights

Racing Extinction sees a team of activists and experts engaged in a passionate race to protect endangered species from extinction, thanks to an awareness campaign of global proportions. The filmmaker Louie Psihoyos has set up an extensive undercover operation to expose the traffic of endangered species, infiltrating the most dangerous black markets in the world. With the help of hidden cameras, local informants and high-tech instruments, the documentary reveals images that shock and surprise the viewer. The two main fronts of action presented in the film are the condemnation of the international rare animal market and the revelation of the close relationship between carbon emissions and the extinction of species.

Free admission, upon reservation
On the occasion of the evening screenings, the exhibition is open until 10 pm


December 10 @ 21:00
21:00 — 22:00 (1h)

MAST Auditorium

Film projection, Proiezione